Pen and Paper RPG House Rules

Making our favorite games even better


Experience Costs:

New dot in the Adept Purview or Epic Attribute = Current Rating x 3

New dot in Talent (Magic, Prophecy) = Current Rating x 4 (first dot 3)

First dot in the Arete Talent = 20 or 10 for an “Adept” Ability (after that use “New dot in Talent”)

New dot in Purviews = Current Rating x 5 (first dot 4)

New boon in the divine parental Purview or Spell = Boon Rating x 2

New boon in a Purview = Boon Rating x 3

All other costs remain the same.

Storyteller must give permission to a Scion to increase Legend.

As usual all trait increases should make sense and include time to train or practice the trait.


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