Pen and Paper RPG House Rules

Making our favorite games even better


A cantrip is “on the fly” spontaneous use of divine power. It is usually a minor in game effect. If of more than momentary duration they require concentration to maintain. It can add no more than half the amount of dots the Scion has in Purview or Talent used by the cantrip as a complimentary effect or negative effect.

As with all uses of Power the Scion at the Hero level needs to have access to the Purview or Talent along with a Tradition or Technique of manipulating reality. These usually involve foci that must have prepared before hand. A rune carved months earlier or a minute of meditation, chanting, or musical creation are just a few possibilities of foci for different magical traditions.

Cantrips don’t require rolls instead they modify rolls or provide dramatic effect.

A fire cantrip would be something like lighting a cigarette or starting a fire in the fireplace while a health cantrip might cause a temporary flash of good feeling or a momentary pall of sickness while the scion touches the target. A sun cantrip might cause a crystal to glow while you concentrate or a rune to act as a flashlight. As a PC grows in power in the Purview the rune flashlight focus for a Sun cantrip might grow from barely allowing you to find your keys in the dark to a floodlight and eventually as a God might seem like a miniature sun.

The bonus must make sense such as using the War Purview to coordinate assaults, gain insight on your opponent’s strategy, or increase Morale and Leadership with a rousing speech or Psychopomp could provide a bonus to navigation et cetera.

A scientifically minded Scion can take advantage of the placebo or nocebo effect by cunning use of cantrips. A physician might use his Tradition of “Modern Medicine” and his focus of a stethoscope to calm down an overactive heart while touching the stethoscope to the patient’s chest.

Cantrips don’t cost legend points to use and don’t require rolls to invent formulas or cast. They usually are speed 5. Concentration and use of a focus cause a -2 to DV penalty which can be ameliorated by certain Knacks or Relics.

Too many uses of Cantrips in an area can make it very difficult to cast cantrips as the flow of Legend becomes murky and messy. Such use can often Fatebound a location.


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