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Epic Abilities and Arete:

For those with great passion, diligence, and talent it is possible to achieve beyond the five dots in an ability and become a true Master. With the “sixth dot” the Scion has started on a long path of excellence. Once achieved the character may continue to gain additional skill through the Arete Talent which is applied only for that single ability. It is possible to become a Master in multiple abilities.

Arete provides additional dice for ability rolls but also grants guaranteed competency in the tasks that fall under that ability. It is no longer necessary for the character to make rolls unless they want to do so as the Master can choose to take an automatically successful roll with half of his available dice as successes in all actions involving the Ability. So a Scion with Melee 5, Arete (Melee) 2, Dexterity 5 and Epic Dexterity 2 would have the option of not rolling and just taking (12/2) +2 = 8 successes as a default.

Once per day (in game) a Master may reroll any action using the Mastered Ability but must accept the results of the reroll.

The Arete Talent is accessible to anyone though few who are not Legendary approach such excellence. As a consequence it doesn’t need to be purchased with the Purview Access Birthright as it is no longer a Purview.

Those who achieve Arete in an ability are highly likely to have human ancestry. It is extremely rare for those with fully divine backgrounds to have achieved such excellence as it tends to take a peculiar blend of creativity, passion and ambition to focus so intently on a particular ability. As a consequence many Scions achieve Arete in an Ability before their Visitations which are often in arenas that their parents excelled in.

It is cheaper as a consequence to have an Ability with Arete at character creation than to develop such in game play.

There are bloodlines amongst the Dvergar with human and Aesir ancestry who occasionally produce master smiths able to craft and invent new engines of war, artifacts and relics of great power.

Arete adds to all derivative stats like DV as it is adding directly to the Ability.

Arete is not limited by Legend as a maximum. There is no limit to the pinnacle of excellence and no cap on skill and expertise. It is theoretically possible for a mortal swordsman with tremendous talent and slavish focus to be so skilled as to challenge a God. It is just highly unlikely!

Experience Cost: 20 points or 10 points if one the Scion’s Adept Abilities (after this improving Arete follows the normal costs for Talents)

Character Creation: 2 points and the ability in question must be one of the six Adept Abilities. Also, bonus points must have been spent to raise the Ability to 5.

Arete as it is no longer a Pantheon Specific Purview cannot be the endowed Parental Purview.


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