Pen and Paper RPG House Rules

Making our favorite games even better

Intro to Character Creation

At character creation a new scion can pick from their Divine Parent one Epic attribute and gain access to one Purview from their parent. These become the Scion’s Adept Purview and Attribute.

Characters can gain access to additional Purviews of their choice through the Birthright: Purview Access.

Scions have a free dot in the parentally endowed Adept Purview and the Adept Epic Attribute. The normal limitations on level maximum is equal to Legend rather than limited to one less than the character’s Legend.

The scion gains two Adept Abilities one of which must be from their parent’s list of favored abilities. These favored abilities become the character’s Adept Abilities in which it is easier for them to excel or grow in skill after character creation. They also are cheaper to achieve Arete in.

The scion has three of their parent’s Virtues and can choose their fourth.

Birthrights have been substantially altered especially with the creation of the Purview Access Birthright which replaces the need for a relic in order to tap into a Purview. All the other Birthrights have been organized and given a more precise focus on what you can and can’t get as well as looked at from a long term perspective in how as the Scion ages his Birthrights gain in power.

Pantheon Specific Purviews no longer exist as they’ve been co-opted into the Magic Ability as Paths and Traditions with the boons converted to Spells and Rituals granting a wider range of possibility.

Special Purviews have become Talents.

Purviews require that the Scion purchases dots and now with each added dot the Scion is granted a free boon. Much like the former Magic Purview used to do. In other words a Scion would purchase a dot in Fire and would get a free 1 dot boon and could then purchase a second dot in Fire and gain a 2 dot Fire boon and so on. A scion can purchase extra boons and if clever enough can invent new ones.

If the Scion is to be focused on Purviews and Talents he will need an Occult of 1 dot to show his understanding of the secret lore and his training in a Tradition. This training is usually in the culture he grows up in like an American Indian learning from his local shaman or a hacker learning from a forum on scientific magic, his divine parent’s religion, or a Guide, or a repository of ancient lore like a Grimoire of some sort.

Training a Tradition allows the character to effectively use his gifts though a relic can act as a crutch for those without an occult background but if the Scion is without the relic then he can’t use any boons or spells.

Bonus Points use during character creation:

New dot in the Adept Purview or Adept Epic Attribute = 3

New dot in a Talent (Magic, Prophecy) = 4

New dot in Arete with an Adept Ability= 2

New dot in Purviews = 5

New boon in the divine parental Purview or Spell = 2

New boon in a general Purview = 3

(All other costs remain the same.)


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