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Intro to Magic Talent

The Magic talent isn’t limited by the Legend of the user. Anyone can learn how to cast Spells with training, experience, tradition, mindset, and the right occult understanding. Like all Talents there is no maximum to the highest level a character can learn. This allows for mortal practitioners to be a dangerous threat to a Hero even if only of low power barring the very unusual master magus.

The main vein of the “Magic Purview” described in the books is now called the Fate Path which focuses primarily on Spells that manipulate Fate directly. The Pantheon Specific Purviews (other than Arete) are other Paths commonly wielded by Scions trained in those Traditions. With higher rank in Occult it is possible for Scions to learn many Paths and incorporate them into their Tradition or invent wholly new Traditions.

For example a voodoo priest with Magic Talent of 4 with Spells in Cheval and Fate is somewhat dangerous to a lone Scion. In time the houngan might adapt the Spells and Traditions of other peoples and learn Spells developed by the ancient Egyptians or the Wiccans down the street. Possibly he could even transform himself into a creature of Legend or his studies could lead him to becoming a minion to a Titanspawn.

Magic is no longer a Special Purview and thus cannot be the Adept Purview endowed by the Divine Parent.

Learning too much Magic has the effect of attracting Fate’s attention however. Mortals with Magic talent are considered to have a Fateful Aura and Scions who grow powerful in magic will find that they attract far more attention from Fate than their less versatile brethren.

Every other dot in Magic (the 2nd, 4th, 6th…) the character adds one die to Fatebinding rolls and this does mean a mortal can face the same kind of difficulties the Legendary suffer.


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