Pen and Paper RPG House Rules

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All Scions have access to this endowment as they have the ichor of the Gods. Most supernatural beings have access to something similar with varying degrees of potency. The blood and flesh of the Gods has power as does their children’s. Some creatures find Scion’s to be rare delicacies and even some Scions have been captured and bled by some cults and secret organizations.

Jotunblut is no longer a Purview and cannot be the endowed Parental Purview from the divine parent.

The term Jotunblut now covers a range of Rituals that almost any Supernatural can learn and cast with use of the Magic Talent.

The Path of Jotunblut includes the Spells which were formally of the Aesir Pantheon Specific Purview. There are possibly other Paths offering other Spells that transform, charm or bind mortals to a supernatural’s service.

For those unwilling to spend the experience on Spells and more willing to spend Willpower and Legend the supernatural can turn to Rituals.

There are many Rituals designed to take advantage of this endowment. A seidr shaman might make a ritual that used sexual energy and ichor to bind a mortal to their will in a very similar fashion a tantric sex master or an Alfar might. A less sophisticated method might involve a simple cut and channel of Willpower to bind those who would drink a Supernatural’s blood in order to charm, bind and enhance a mortal to service.

The mortals thus transformed might turn into Berserks, Thralls, hungry corpses, vampires, werewolves, Avant Garde artists, and mounts for spirits.

The type of enhancement and magnitude depends on the ritual involved along with the duration of the enchantment.


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