Pen and Paper RPG House Rules

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Placelings are children of the Gods and other Powers that have been taken from the wombs where they were conceived and placed into surrogate mothers. With the war going on many Valkyries, Goddesses, and Alfar women have chosen this route to give their children a chance at life and to spare themselves the burden of worrying about the child while dodging sword thrusts and fireballs.

There are two common Rituals done for Placelings; a Health Purview Ritual and a Psychopomp Purview Ritual. The Health Ritual requires the surrogate mother to be at the Ritual and the touch of the Mother. The Psychopomp Ritual with secondary Purviews in Health and in the Fate Path is much more difficult and sends the child on Fate’s wings. Somewhere and sometimes somewhen the child will be born to the “right” mother for the child. As a consequence it is the safest route as there is no direct connection between the divine parent and the surrogate but that very lack of connection can be nerve wracking to some mothers.


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