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Purviews and Traditions


Gaining access to Purviews is now through its eponymous Birthright Trait and can’t be learned through the old advancement rules using relics.

With Purviews a Scion can invent or learn formulas that can create effects of differing complexity and power split into four categories: Supernatural Stunts, Cantrips, Rituals, and Boons. Boons require the Scion to spend experience to learn them while the Rituals can be learned or invented in game.

A scientific background is really useful in understanding and testing out Occult knowledge and Academics is useful for researching what a Scion is capable of with access to a Purview. Many scions never discover their versatility simply because they never think of trying out new things or obey the limitations of ancient Traditions.


A Scion with Occult can develop or adopt a Tradition that provides a framework for using their Purviews and Talents. The Tradition’s philosophy uses their understanding of the secrets of the universe to channel the Power in different ways.

An Aesir might chant Galdr or carve a rune stick while a Taoist might create an alchemical potion, compose poetry, or simply get ridiculously drunk and a Buddhist might meditate or solve zen koans.

To apply Divine Power requires the Scion have one dot in Occult to use an existing Tradition (usually a Tradition based from his Divine Parent, culture, or Guide) as an arcane philosophy or 2 dots to create an eclectic blending of two or more Traditions (Wicca is a lite version of Celtic, Germanic, and other nature Traditions or Chaos Magic which sometimes is a weird blending of hermeticism and computers but is a blanket term for a mishmash philosophy) or 3 dots to invent a new system based on an existing Tradition but bent in a new direction and 4 dots to create a new philosophy wholesale like the first Scion to create an industrial technological or information age Tradition.

For example, an American God with a focus in Industry or some other technological Purview might be able to provide a Guide to a Scion of his that can teach the Scion the Tradition which could involve calculators or slides and blue prints in order to enact his power while an Old God might grant an ancient Grimoire filled spells and rituals along with treatises on Egyptian or Greek magic and the theory/philosophy that allows Divine Power to enact change on the world and beyond.

The advantage of using an existing Tradition or being eclectic is that other Scions and Gods have developed many ready made Boons and Rituals that a character can quickly adapt to and add to his repertoire. The disadvantage is that a knowledgeable opponent can predict what is being attempted and dispel it with countermagic or prepare for it somehow.

The advantage of inventing a system of your own is that you’re creating something completely new that no one else understands or can predict. This makes it much harder to countermagic and also allows the Scion to use his Divine Power how he would like in a preferred style. Rumors say that Legend can flow to those who innovate and are imitated but that Fate often gets involved with very successful innovators.

Relics are created and shaped by the Tradition/s used to Forge the Relic. A Sword Relic of any Tradition works well as a focus for the War Purview because of its innate nature. Relics can give bonuses to Magic and Purview rolls if appropriate to that Tradition or Purview and if designed to do so.

Different Paths are inclined towards certain Traditions.


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