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Social Conflicts (Flyting)

Amongst the Aesir the tradition of flyting before battle had two duelists exchanging barbed witticisms and insults to scald their opponent or to manipulate the situation towards their advantage. These rules are useful for that and the rare occasion when a formal situation arises needing a system for social or academic conflict.

  • Join Battle: Perception + Empathy (Reading the opponent) Gives initiative and lets victor choose Persuasive or Reasoned Flyting.
  • To Hit: [(Manipulation or Wits) + Presence]/2 + Epic bonus +/- Virtue
  • Defense Value: [Manipulation + Integrity + Legend) /2] + Epic bonus +/- (Virtue) – (Int differential for verbal blocks, Perception for verbal dodges, and Wits for verbal parries)
  • Damage Rating: (Charisma or Intelligence) + Threshold successes + Epic bonus
  • Resistance: (Appearance or Perception) + Epic bonus

A cunning verbalist can force the attachment of virtues towards his own use. If trying to convince a valorous warrior of the benefit of working together to battle a shared enemy the virtue Valor would become a penalty to defense while if someone were to try to force a scion to abandon the helpless the virtue would be added to his DV.

Typically in a social conflict different styles are shown by the choice of which attributes are used to attack or defend. If social attributes are chosen the flyting is emotional and visceral while if mental attributes are chosen the flyting is more academic and logical. A flyting usually doesn’t change styles once started though academic debates can become emotional but emotional debates rarely switch to logical debates.

Should combat take place after a full flyting the victor would gain an automatic success on all rolls for future dealings with the opponent until such a time as the defeated would achieve a significant victory over the flyting victor. A full flyting involves a verbal insult battle until one opponent is “incapacitated” just like normal combat with social health levels instead.

The advantage of first strike (higher Join Battle) is that it sets the tone and description for the flyting. This can have an effect on what kind of stunts thought up and what kind of knacks might be applied.

Successful Verbal Blocks end a line of attack or insults requiring a new angle to be thought up. Successful verbal Dodges give a +1 to DV on the next defense. Successful Verbal Parries allow for a riposte attack using the threshold successes as bonus successes on the attack.

Attribute differential: (Attacker’s Attribute + Epic successes) – (Defender’s Attribute + Epic successes+1)


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