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Supernatural Stunts

Supernatural stunts are good choices when you run out of Legend Channels and work great in tandem with regular stunts. With a good enough description the PC might even get their Legend points back!

As a side note a Scion may choose to use a “lite” version of a supernatural stunt with the same mechanics as a normal stunt just using a supernatural explanation for how the stunt is achieved.

A supernatural stunt might involve a Scion with the Frost purview making sure his flying kick onto the frozen lake surface shatters it under the villain’s feet thus sending him plunging into the frozen waters while combat shouting the ancient secret word for that type of ice in the language of the ancestors. A Scion with illusion or darkness might get a bonus to dodge while doing his best to evade the sniper picking off his friends.

There is no multiple actions penalty for supernatural stunts since the focus of divine will might simply be a rune carved into brass knuckles, a taoist potion drunk earlier, or a shouted word. The player must describe how he is channeling his power into the stunt whether it is a kanji he inked onto the sole of his Nike’s earlier this week or the low humming that manages to set the scion’s hands to vibrating at a lethal frequency using the ancient techniques of Galdr taught by an icelandic master martial artist forgotten by all but the Gods and their chosen.

A Scion can also use a supernatural stunt to take advantage of the environment and manipulate that environment using divine power. A large bonfire might be “kicked” into an enemy thus an attack could go from bashing to lethal for an additional legend point or a golem may be struck at a weak place sensed by the Earth Scion.

Each of these options cost 1 legend and a supernatural stunt may include several if there is a good explanation just like a regular stunt. Bonuses last only for one action. Penalties last for one round unless specified.

  • Add Purview’s rank to attack rolls
  • Add Purview’s rank to damage as automatic damage
  • Add Purview’s rank to Dexterity for Move and Dash actions
  • Add Purview’s rank to DV
  • Add twice (x2) a Purview’s rank to soak
  • Make an aggravated attack into lethal for soak
  • Make a bashing attack into a lethal attack
  • Give enemy a penalty to attack rolls equal to half of Purview’s rank

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