Pen and Paper RPG House Rules

Making our favorite games even better


The old category of “Special Purviews” is now called Talents and incorporates Magic, Prophecy, and Mystery along with the former Greek Pantheon Specific Purview of Arete.

Anyone can learn or develop a Talent even a regular human being though it is quite rare. The Oracle at Delphi was but a mortal woman but could surpass any Hero in her pronouncements.

There are no maximum limits to Talents from lack of Legend.

Every other dot in the Mystery Talent (at 2, 4, 6) grants a + 1 bonus die to investigation rolls.

Every other dot (2, 4, 6) in the Prophecy Talent grants a + 1 bonus die to Join Battle and a chance to notice momentous events pertaining to you, your loved ones, or the world even if you don’t know why it is important.

Magic has been significantly reworked and has its own section.


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