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The Nine Worlds


Contains the great city of Asgard and home of the Aesir led by the Twelve Most High. Legend states that an Aesir cup bearer in a modest hall has might enough to rule a kingdom in Meruheimr. Beyond the fortress home of the Aesir lies subsidiary nations of elite ancestors from different peoples and species of Manheimr that currently act as a buffer and protection against the Titan’s onslaught. These city states and nations provide Asgard with Tribute and as a consequence gain a measure of protection, higher status, and place away from the vastly overcrowded Meruheimr. The Glory Road links these mostly new realms together and allows for quick travel and commerce.


Home of the Vanir. Devastated originally by the war between the Aesir and the Vanir it had slowly recovered only to have suffered great losses at the hands of Angrboda’s creatures, the Fomori, and other Titanspawn who have conquered most of its Great Forest leaving only a handful of cities and fortresses relatively safe with most barely surviving. Even with these great losses the Vanir still outnumber the Aesir greatly and have been petitioning access to the Dvergar’s weapons for self defense.


Home of the Alfar or Aes Sidhe and contains Tir Nan Og, Brimir, the summer court, and Hy Brasil.


Contains Midgard and is home of men. Many terrae incognitae lie folded within Midgard and outside of sight but even more realms beyond Midgard called Peripheral Realms. Over the past thousand years the focus of the Twelve Most High left Midgard towards these outer territories with little traffic on Bifrost going to the heart of the world. The Gods have once more realized the central role Man and Midgard play and have been very interested in making sure there are plenty of Scions to stand against these new creatures and the new realms that gave them birth. Many of these new Scions have embraced technology and so have some sects of the Dvergar.


Home of the Jotnar. Not much is known about this World given its opposition to the Aesir. Utgard is a powerful realm closely linked with Midgard though its attention has been on the new Peripheral Realms expanding from Midgard. Powerful Jotnar who have mastered the Illusion Purview walk amongst mankind with a moderate amount of influence in Industry, Finance and Government. Rumors of immensely powerful Mages who have conquered terrae incognitae and many Peripheral Realms providing them with new servants and resources.


Mist home contains Hel (the dead/Nair), the winter court, Helreginn “Jotun of frost” the heir of Ymir. The primal world of Ginnungagap known as the yawning Abyss of Creation which lies on the farthest edge of “civilized” Niflheimr and has been very active for over a thousand years. In the past century the activity has vastly accelerated and with the end of the Titans imprisonment it seems to have exploded in an orgy of new realms and life forms flowing into Manheimr and Meruheimr.


Home of the Vaettir and Fylgja. The Great Mountain or heavens for the goodly dead of man originally and now for those of other natures. In ancient times it was known as Authumla and legend once was in the center of the cosmos (lying between Niflheimr and Muspellsheimr) and home to the Three and the Twelve before they rose up and slew Ymir and used his life essence to craft the Universe. Four rivers flow from the Mountain which lead from the four Dvergar Guardians to the far off edges of Manheimr. These rivers nourish Yggdrasil wherever the cosmic tree grows. Many new divine beings have flooded peripheral sections of the Mountain with new creatures never before seen. As of yet the Aesir have been too busy to look at them closely leaving it to the locals and the occasional Scion slumming amongst the lesser deities.


Home of the Dvergar. The dark fields is the name and the endless caverns is its nature. Here the engines of war used by the Aesir were forged that allowed them to imprison the ten of the remaining Titans in Niflheimr and keep Aten and Surtr’s regent Sinmara at bay in Muspellsheimr…until recently. Rumors say of vast sections of caves openly ruled by Cromm filled with Fomorians, undead, and their Jotnar masters. The Dvergar petition for aid which for the most part goes unanswered despite Kunnalfa’s rise to rank amongst the Twelve centuries ago. As a consequence many Dvergar have gone to Midgard to seek aid from their brethren pushing their resources beyond capacity.


Home of the fire Jotnar ruled by Surtr (black one) and Sinmara (pale nightmare). Primal realms of light, fire, and heat . Home of Aten’s brood and realm who in the past 1400 years has grown in power so much that he challenges Surtr’s strength. Agents of Aten have travelled all over Manheimr spreading his word bending the mortal races towards his worship.


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