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Breakdown of Social Abilities


Detect lies, negotiation, or convince someone to open up. Perceive mental, emotional state and motivations and intentions.

Sense weakness: Perception + Empathy

Each success grants an extra boost die on later interactions that scene with that character. For example, four successes would give an extra four dice that could be allocated and spent on anything from an Intimidation roll and later a strike on a bad knee. Can only be attempted once a scene and once the dice are used they are gone. So, in the above example one bonus die could be used as a bonus on an intimidation attempt and the final three bonus dice on the brawl attack.

Detect Lie: Perception + Empathy/Investigation

Maintain Lie: Manipulation + Empathy

Flirting: Wits + Empathy

Innocent Face: Appearance + Empathy (more passive version of Maintain Lie relying more on emotion than reason)

Negotiation: Manipulation + Empathy

Enemy of my enemy: Charisma + Empathy/Command (Whatever is less)

Gets neutrals and enemies to fight with you or under you against a greater threat. If successful can be involved in Coordinated Assaults.


Leadership: Charisma + Command

Grants boost dice to working together as a team on tasks, logistics, organization for the rest of the scene to those under the direct supervision and leadership of the character.

Coordinate Assault: Manipulation + Command

Each success allows coordination of two people. Attack takes place 5 ticks later and the leader dictates who is helping. Target suffers DV penalty equal to number of coordinated attackers or the number of successes on the roll (whichever is less).

Take over: Charisma + Command to take over a new group or organization and Manipulation + Command to mold the group to your liking.

Allows the charismatic character to take over an organization if there is a lack of leadership or confusion and impose their will. Leadership assumes that the character is already in charge.


Terrify enemies: Appearance (negative provides double dice) or Charisma + Presence

Can cause enemies to flee a conflict in terror or cause a loss of confidence or morale. Subtract Confidence dice from enemies in this conflict who can perceive the character. Should a character lose half of their available combat dice they will cower or flee a conflict. So, if they lost three Confidence dice and they only had a Melee 2 and Dex 3 for five combat dice then they won’t be sticking around with a morale boost.

Higher Motivation: Charisma + Presence

Gives a bonus Confidence die during the next scene to self and a number of allies equal to Presence. For example a charismatic woman knows what motivates the best in her and her people so she rolls four successes and has a Presence of 3 so can allocate those four bonus dice amongst herself and up to three allies such as one Confidence die for each of them.

Baser Motivation: Manipulation + Presence

Grants boost dice as a pool during the next scene to allies.

Grant Hope and Courage: Appearance (negative provides half dice) or Charisma + Presence

Counters “terrify enemies” by healing lost confidence and morale. Each success removes penalty Confidence die.


Resist deception, persuasion, manipulation, and avoid breaking under torture or interrogation. Used when resisting any attempt to weaken confidence or morale.


“Boost” die/dice are one shot use and gone after expenditure while “Confidence” die/dice last the scene and give an additional bonus or penalty die for all rolls that scene.

With Boost dice the maximum a character can use on a single roll is 1 + Legend.


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