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Geomancy and geomasonry

Seargent Carson was readying his drones laden with nanites designed to find and bond with pollutants and render them safe by altering their chemical makeup as the two mages walked by arguing.

“It really seems unnecessary for this operation to have someone of your limited skill set here,” said the man in a British accent with artfully silvering hair at his temples and dressed fashionably in a London Fog great coat.

“Geezers like you put us all in danger during an operation as delicate as this one. Just because I am an aspected magician doesn’t mean I am not more competent and battle experienced than a wannabe druid who goes to war in an Italian suit.”

“You’re what 14 girl?”

“My name is Blaze just like your name is Whitestaff. I am a chaos magician like my father and his father before him and I spent two years in bug city cleansing out insect based astral pollution, re-aspecting a dozen power sites using advanced memetics to reprogram their genius loci spirits, and dealing with astral fallout from Ares’s nuke so chummer shut the frag up.”

Major Matthew Grayson appeared out of the shadows then. “Now that you’re done bickering I need the two of you as we go over the battle plans.

Four hours later a team of four physical adepts in full ruthenium stealth suits entered the swamp from the north while two squads of Knight Errant’s Tactical Division entered in the south with the two mages, Carson and his combat and nannite laden drones.

“I have made contact to the ley line Captain.”

“Thank you Magus Blaze. Lt Foxrunner you are to follow orders and maintain defenses here and protect Blaze at all costs while she performs her Cleansing Ritual. I dont care if four of those horned gators rush you nothing breaks her circle.”

“Yessir,” said the young Sioux shaman before he started ordering a perimeter and began singing to the spirits to lull them to sleep.

“Good luck kid.”
“Same to you geezer.”

Three hours later the team had finally penetrated to the heart of the swamp leaving a trail of dead toxic and mutated creatures and arrived the old dumping ground from the 19th and 20th century with a pond laden with centuries of lead and decades of toxic waste disposal by cost cutting corporations.

“Ready the last of the delivery drones Sarge.”

“Yes sir”

“Are you ready Whitestaff?

“Yes, just give me cover until I get to the nexus point and can access the power site.”

“Team 1 you’re the ram; team 2 you’re the net…let’s go!”

Whitestaff strode forward cloaked with finest enchantments of protection and astral stealth making him invisible to spirits and most dual natured critters but not to a starved looking woman whose gaunt face had seen too much as her hair had fallen out except for a few stubborn patches barely clad in an grungy ‘Terrafirst!’ camo shirt much too large for her body but clutching a State of the Art Heckler & Koch assault rifle who aimed unsteadily at him as she pulled the trigger.

Whitestaff had managed to evade the sudden melee by falling into the toxic pond as toxic critters poured in from all directions and ecoterrorists took badly targeted shots at the Knight Errant forces.

Shuddering Whitestaff realized that the nexus was at the bottom of the pond so he pulled out a golden egg from his soaked great coat and began twisting it until the shell collapsed into a vaguely pyramid shaped device that evoked Babbage’s difference engine or a retro steam punk table weight.

Breathing deep he dove and swam to the nexus and activated his creation which began to send sonic vibrations throughout the land and water by the time he made it back to the surface. Climbing through the mud he saw that the team had mostly survived the initial onslaught and had left a pile of dead beasts and ecoterrorists.

An old man wearing a shirt emblazoned with a biohazard symbol cried out “enough!” Raising his hands above his head a swarm of toxic water spirits and a tsunami wave of acid dove towards the team. Whitestaff attempted to counter the area effect spell but the toxic shaman was far too powerful for his attempt to do much more than blunt the spell so no one died but many screamed as their armor bubbled before they could strip it off.

A backhand from the old man sent a telekinetic strike at Whitestaff that sent him flying more than the length of an football field.

“At least the shield held.” Whitestaff muttered to himself after extracting himself from a twisted tree rubbing his neck which probably had whiplash.

Suddenly a materialized astral face appeared before him looking like a small not as bright version of Blaze. “Master wants Geezer to know the moment is nigh or whatever you Brits say.”

Whitestaff pulled out a small stick from his belt and planted the strangely beautiful wood and channeled his magic into it and the device willing a change in mana flow and the stick became a tree pulling mana from the device which was causing a mini earthquake disrupting the toxic shaman’s domain and purifying it while creating a new power site with Blaze’s ley line.

An howl of rage and it’s echoes filled the swamp and a swamp thing monster that had once been a man concerned about the environment who investigated the wrong locale came barreling towards Whitestaff and the rapidly growing tree as four ghosts or vague shapes like in that old 2d movie predators began rendering the swamp creature into mulch.

“We did it.” Whimpered Sgt Carson who was clinging to his last aerial drone a few feet above the ground.

Game Mechanics

Geomancy is manipulation of mana within the Astral Realm. With this metamagic the Initiate gains access to many new rituals along with a natural sense of the flow of mana in the astral realm and its degree of pollution. Their most common ritual is Cleansing which can remove Persistent Background Count from an astral locale.

Geomancers often consider themselves sculptors of the astral plane as they manipulate the immaterial and are capable of learning an advanced metamagical ritual that allows them to craft free standing wards not tied to a physical counterpart.

Geomasonry is manipulation of mana in the Physical Realm by environmental man-made change such as building pyramids, changing the direction of rivers, draining swamps, planting trees, henge’s, and roads to connect physical ley lines and change the aspect of a physical world power site or domain.

A famous modern example would be the Wuxing towers which is the exemplar of eastern geomasonry which they call feng shui while the greater Stonehenge and Chartres cathedral are amongst the finest works in the west. Geomasons are in high demand for their ability to let powerful entities such as mega corporations, magical societies, and dragons control mana rich locations. Geomasons are skilled in enchanting and can create items capable of altering mana and its flow. Geomasons can sense the flow of mana in the physical realm and the level of mana pollution in the physical realm.

As there is a flow of mana from the physical to the astral and vice versa then the two metamagics can have very similar effects despite different techniques and to many a layman they would seem basically the same though most practitioners would be offended by such a comparison as geomancers tend to master ritual spellcasting and geomasons tend to master enchanting.

In game terms the Initiates gain access to new metamagical rituals and items such as Create Power Site ritual and with other metamagics the Create Domain or Alter Domain rituals and the ability to artifice and craft new enchantments along with a few natural abilities such as the ability to sense the location, tenor, and type of mana at ley lines and power sites without having to activate astral sight.

Most geomages learn the attunement metamagic as it opens up even more abilities for both. Most geomancers learn ceremonial metamagic to increase their range of metamagical rituals. Most Geomasons learn the Talisman metamagic which greatly increases their range of enchantments.

Arcana and Assensing are two important skills for a geomage.


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