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Unofficial errata for Shadowrun Fifth Edition

Unofficial errata for Shadowrun Fifth Edition

My Houserules for SR5

So, some new rules for conventions and minor changes are here. I will have to take the background count info and tweak it for my ideas. I like what they’re doing and I’m glad that they aren’t following the disastrous fourth edition rules.

So, if power point cost is going to be five karma why not let mystic adepts ‘spend’ spells during character creation or give them that option. In gameplay learning a ‘power point’ worth of powers could be treated like learning a spell or ritual.

In other words change the 10 spells you get with an A priority to 10 powers which would include the option of picking spells, rituals, power points, and preparations. It does say in the magic chapter that you can spend your spell slots on rituals and such but to avoid confusion just make it clear on the priority table.

Background count isn’t going to be annoying and basically unworkable like fourth which is good.

The literature makes a point of there being a flow to mana with only limited connection between the filter of the astral and the physical mana so why should background count be at the same level and why should an high level or low level of mana and a source of mana pollution all have the same game mechanics?

Thus, as you may have noticed with some of my posts I have put forth a split between background count which is mana pollution or distortions that make it harder to manipulate mana and the ambient level of the strength of the local mana. Also as mana doesn’t flow quickly between the astral and physical realms one of the two realms may be facing greater mana pollution. Thus an astral realm distortion might make it harder to cast mana ball but not interfere at all with a physical mask spell.

In the literature there are some spirits of place and strange spirits dealt with primarily by dragons and the whole domain concept so why not have domains enforced by genius loci which are either emergent from the types of behavior and magic used in the area or created by a ritual by a geomage to run and create a domain.


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