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Shadowrun Overhaul: Magical Lodges

There seems to me that there should be a maximum Force Rating for Magical Lodges because as the rules stand there is nothing preventing a character from making a ridiculously powered Lodge well beyond the ability of anything being able to ever even try to penetrate.

My rule for countering that issue is to use the following formula:

Maximum Magical Lodge Force = Arcana + Magic.

As a consequence a magician lacking any skill in Arcana would be unable to construct a Magical Lodge as Arcana cannot be defaulted on. This makes sense as Arcana represents the character’s theoretical understanding of magical theory. A magician without Arcana is running purely on instinct and would have no reason at all to even suspect that a Magical Lodge is something that even exists let alone something they could create. Such an instinctive talent would have a limited amount of spells possibly only one as represented by Kellan Colt in the recent novels who would’ve only known fire bolt prior to her training and use of her mentor’s Lodge. Magic represents the character’s magical power which should of course have an effect on the upper limit of power for a magician’s sanctum sanctorum.



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