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Shadowrun Overhaul: Magic: New Metamagics: Attunement

Ryan Two-Tusks sat cross-legged in the living room of the damaged hovel where once his family had lived before all the trouble began with Project Freedom and being tortured by a mass murdering psychopath. In his lap was a combat hammer. He named the qualities of the hammer especially its ability to transfer its energy through armor. Remembering the sound of the hammer hitting Swat full body armor and cracking the chest plate into three places. Gradually he noticed a warmth in his chest and a tingle with goosebumps up and down the arm holding the hammer. Looking down he activated his Sight and saw delicate filaments connecting his aura with his long time companion.

“Finally! The attunement has begun stage 2” whispers Ryan.

Standing up he grips the combat hammer in both hands. Looking at the ravaged wall where once sat his entertainment center and where he and his wife watched their first movie tears well up in his eyes.


Swinging the hammer laterally with all his might Ryan hit the wall. The sound wave seemed to pause; pregnant with the promise of devastating destruction. Blow after blow strikes the deserted and empty home. Hours later the hammer blows begin to slow down with a single load bearing wall left.

Ryan kisses the pommel of the war hammer and winds up for a mighty blow!

Upon hitting the wall pieces of plaster shatter like a teacup flung down the hall.

Breathing heavily Ryan looked down at his wife’s sigil etched into the pommel of the handle and placed it on his heart and closed his eyes. Looking down with his Sight Ryan was amazed by the the rich weavings of a mana flowing from his center to the pommel of the hammer.

Attunement Metamagic:

Attunement is a Metamagic that allows the Initiate to create or enhance astral connections between items, people, and locations. Sympathetic and Symbolic Links are attuned for Ritual Sorcery as a replacement for Material Links (without Ceremonial Metamagic the Initiate would be unable to personally use the Links.) With Attunement many new and powerful Rituals become possible as well as the purchase of new Qualities (karma cost at character creation level rather than the x2 modifier for Qualities gained after character creation.) Adepts can learn some of these Qualities which involve connecting deeply with a type of animal or item or even a location (see Home Ground). Geomancers use Attunement to connect with locales with highly dense mana concentrations in order to Aspect the Ambient Mana of a Power Site or Mana Line usually towards their Tradition, Magical Group, Mentor Spirit, Metaplace, Metaplane, or personal philosophy. Those skilled at Assensing can often detect attunements which once perceived can then be used against a target as a Sympathetic Link using Ceremonial Metamagic and Ritual Spellcasting.


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