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Shadowrun Overhaul: Alchemy: New Triggers, Alchemy labs, and Lynchpin Art

New Triggers:

Break: (+2 Drain) Works like the Contact Trigger but the target is the closest to the location where the lynchpin is broken. Using this trigger actively requires a ready weapon simple action and a throw weapon simple action using Throwing Weapons and the grenade rules.

Burn: (+1 Drain) Often a scroll or piece of paper covered in runes, chinese taoist calligraphy, enochian, or other magical symbols and languages. This trigger is activated when the lynchpin is lit on fire. Once any part of the lynchpin is on fire the magic is released and the item flashburns extremely quickly and releases its magic on the person who burned it or the nearest living thing to the burnt scroll. Requires a simple ready item action and a simple action to light the lynchpin on fire.

Drink: (+2 Drain) This trigger has lynchpins that are potions, elixers, philtres, and other assorted drinks. Whomever consumes the lynchpin is the target of the magic and requires a ready item simple action and a simple action to drink the lynchpin. Preparations made with this Trigger takes hours instead of minutes to make and require an alchemy lab or microlab which are extremely expensive. Two advantages of this trigger is the ability to make batches (Can make up to Alchemy rating in different potions) and the ability to use time to your advantage and have the Preparations finish when you need them to be done to avoid loss of Potency as the Preparation doesn’t start losing Potency until it is finished brewing. The Force x Minute creation time is spent at the start of the potion making process so the Alchemist doesn’t need to do anything else when the potion stops brewing. An Alchemist can have as many different Preparation batches being made at once as their Alchemy Skill. Other activities can be undertaken while the lynchpin brews including other preparations. Remember Healing preparations require the Command trigger.

Read at Loud: (0 Drain) Whomever reads the item is the target of the preparation. It takes Force x Combat Turns to read the lynchpin.

Lynchpin Art: An alchemical artist can use an appropriate Artisan skill to craft a superior container for the preparation’s magic. Intuition + Artisan [Arcana] (F) Test. The Alchemical Artist adds 1 + net hits to her dice pool that can be spent relating to the preparation either on its creation or handling drain.

Alchemy Lab: Takes up a large room filled with herbs, spices, minerals, and other oddities. Often reminds people of apothecaries. The brewing apparatus includes a whole range of glass beakers, pipets, strange glassware, mortar and pestles, and bunsen burners. They cost 50,000 nuyen and each Preparation batch costs 10 nuyen x Force in ingredients and energy.

Alchemy Microlab: A pair of suitcases one of which includes the ingredients and the other the equipment. They cost 100,000 nuyen and each Preparation batch costs 25 nuyen x Force in ingredients and energy. The increased cost is partly for the highly concentrated ingredients that make it possible to fit everything into a suitcase which obviously cost more.


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