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Shadowrun Overhaul: Karma Rewards

Karma Rewards:

Character Survived: +1

Character was severely injured or knocked unconscious: +1

Character completed a long term goal: +1-3

Group completed a short term goal: +1

Group completed a long term goal or major step towards doing so: +1-3

Run was successful: +1-3

Difficulty or Complexity of Run: +1-3

Quick Run or Mission: -2

Standard Run: 0

Long Run: +2

Good Feelings Run: +1

Cold Hearted Run: -1

Player voted best Roleplaying moment: +1

(Each player votes for another player who made the game more fun with some bit of great roleplaying with ties decided by the GM)


Each player should make a list of three to five personal goals that they would like their character to achieve. For a street level campaign a wannabe street sam might have goals of getting his first cyberspur, getting respect from a bartender at the Seamstresses, and beating his sensei in a hand to hand sparring match. A computer nerd in the same street campaign might have the personal goal of building his own cyberdeck, getting a datajack, and hacking his way into a data haven or warez site. A mechanic might have the goal of getting rigged, owning an Ares Roadmaster, and learning to pilot a thunderbird.  The bigger and harder the goal the better the reward. As gameplay continues and goals are completed the player is encouraged to make up more personal goals though a max of five different goals at a time is fair.

Each team should make a list of one to three short term goals sometime after it is formed. Why is the team together? Are they a Docwagon medic team that wants some new equipment? A small mercenary force that wants to get on Desert Wars? Are they smugglers who want to reach the big time and get a t-bird? Are they a biker gang? Then taking back a bit of turf and more that they lost to another gang would qualify.

One to three long term goals should emerge during gameplay over time. Did they survive the Universal Brotherhood and seek to fight back against the Insect Spirits? If so did they just clean out an hive? Do they want to clean up the Barrens? Defeating a major gang would be a great step towards doing that.

Most of the time long term goals aren’t fully achieved but points should be awarded after success towards the goal.




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