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Shadowrun House rule: Karma Buy

The point buy system as a rule leads to characters with more low level ratings in Skills, more skills and Knowledges in general, and mid to solid range Attributes especially for Human PC’s. It also, encourages less truly high Skills and Attributes compared to other methods.

If you want to see Metahumans with Attributes that are more on par with those created via other methods then by having the PC’s not apply the minimum levels from the Metahuman Attribute Table until after Attributes have been purchased. Still apply the maximum rating if less than 6 to prevent overspending and to keep track of terminal ratings.

After character creation the karma cost would stay the same 1 through 6 making it far easier to have a Troll achieve terminal ratings in Body and Strength for example.

This will make PC Troll Attributes look far different compared to the standard system as an high Body and Strength is now possible without bankrupting the PC.

To balance the massive savings simply increase the Karma Cost of the Metahuman or Metavariant by 50%.

So, an elf would go from 40 Karma to 60 Karma and it would be very much worth it for a Face PC.

So, a character starts at 1 and for most Attributes ends at 6.

Thus, a range of 0 to 100 Karma to go from a 1 to a 6. To compare for a PC to go from a 4 to a 9 is 175 Karma say for an Ork using the standard rules.

The statistical curve of Attributes will be changed which will lead to a different style of play.


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