Pen and Paper RPG House Rules

Making our favorite games even better

The Unfinished

This blog was originally a receptacle of my pondering of the Scion roleplaying game but has expanded to include Shadowrun Fifth Edition. Scion has great concepts and excellent world design but the actual game system has some flaws that I think I have fixed with my house rules. Hope you enjoy and I welcome any constructive criticism.

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I plan on putting a lot of unfinished ideas that have been cluttering up my Evernote here which may be of interest to someone.

I have made two pages to collect key posts for Shadowrun.

My Shadowrun Fiction has all my short fiction for Shadowrun. These stories are written in the style of the the fluff stories at the beginning of each chapter in the RPG books. Quick and to the point. As I am getting into practice again with creative writing it helps to fire out new pieces quickly when the muse hits me.

Shadowrun Rules Overhaul includes all the finished house rules I have come up with. If you read my posts I have a lot of rough rules and musings but I am only including the polished stuff here.


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