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Rough ideas for Strange-Cypher-Singularity

Bits of pieces of thoughts while I’m at work.

The Strange in how it connects to the Singularity.

Feel free to bend the ages around to hit a point in time that is important to you. Feel free to make weird events that never happened instead happen or maybe happen here.

The Ruk don’t mention that they are agents implanted from the 8th World to influence the 7th World. The Ardyn are agents of 4th world also sent to influence the 7th world.

The Dead World was prehistory and was destroyed by a rogue AI grey goo event. A planetovore was purposefully drawn to it to end its existence to prevent the grey goo
disaster from flowing down the timeline into later worlds until it would hit the Singularity and end the 8 worlds. The ripple from this event caused the
former planet pluto to lose its status. Sometimes the ripples from changes in one world are metaphors and sometimes they are literal such as the massive difference
a viking age with a victory at stamford bridge vs a norman victory at hastings.

The First World (called by younger groups the First World which can be a point of confusion).
(The Bronze Age Collapse, Troy, and Invention of the Phoenician Script) 1190 BCE. Shang Dynasty. Substandard Physics/Primordial Dominant,

The Second World (Alexander the Great and Warring States in China) 335 BCE Rise of Psionics Dominant, Primordial.

The Third World (Migration era, islam and Tang Dynasty almost) 615 CE Second Age of Primordial with Islam, Psionics fade, Magic rises.

The Fourth World (Middle Ages) 1060 CE. Magic Ascendant.

The Fifth World: (Anthropocene era/Renaissance/Ming 1610) Magic fading and Standard Physics rising with reason and science.
The Sixth World (Industrial Age) 1910 Edwardian Age pushing towards ww1. The Ruk seek to make this world theirs by making it steampunk/silkpunk. Standard Physics.

The Seventh World: 2025. The Information Age: Transhumanism is just starting with new automated technologies, 3d printing, cybernetics. Cyberpunk beginning. Standard Physics.

The Eighth World. The Imagination Age: 2150. Posthuman mad science. Psionics and Mad Science dominate.
The origin of the Ruk is a possible Imagination Age world that fell from probability whose world instead of falling to it’s doom after being displaced
managed to somehow attach itself in a web between the Sixth World and Seventh Worlds allowing easy access to both.

Mad Science
Comparing laws to powers to five types
Nexus matching lagrange points and there can be lagrange points beyond earth orbit.
Bell curve image and explanation for attributes.

Change about to Unfinished.
Songs of Earth and Power. Donnerjack and Amber. Shadowrun and Cyberpunk like Neal stephenson and william gibson.
Norse Myths and inspired tales like Mickey zucher reichart.Tolkien. Julian May’s Pliocene and related series.
CS Friedman’s This Alien Shore and fantasy series.

A schema describes both the mental and physical actions involved in understanding and knowing. Schemas are categories of knowledge that help us to interpret and understand the world.

In Piaget’s view, a schema includes both a category of knowledge and the process of obtaining that knowledge. As experiences happen, this new information is used to modify, add to, or change previously existing schemas.
Change Focus to Schema which are draggable focus or maybe the Types? Types makes more sense.

The process of taking in a new recursion into our already existing schema is called assimilation.

Accomadation is when you modify your existing schema as a result of new info or experiences during recursions.

Equilibration is a balance during development as a world walker.

Creating knowledge and growing as a pc is an inherently active process.

Zone of proximal development is what you can learn by yourself and what you can learn through collaboration with peers or mentors.

A PC can learn one ability above their current tier or in a different type/focus/area that they wouldn’t have access too. This called the wild card talent.

This wild card talent can be different each tier and is one of the abilities a character can pick during advancement.

The reality perceived by the wise in the “strange” rpg is just a slice of the greater reality of the Eight Worlds…like the Pattern of Amber was just the two
dimensional slice of the Eye of Judgement’s three dimensional capacity. There are hints of an even greater world beyond that of the Singularity
encompassing a billion years of time and a billion billion worlds throughout the cosmos. Who knows?

Each Power is hoping to seed recursions that support it in the vicinity of each Prime World. Thus Ardeyn around the 7th world. The recursions a quickened
character makes can change the balance of power. The recursions around a world influence the shadows that surround the prime and those shadows influence
the prime even as the prime influences the shadows and thus the recursions. Each of the eight worlds also influences each other with distance and time
diminishing that influence like gravity via inverse.
Fallen worlds can sometimes survive by managing to get to a strange nexus which will sustain it either by a powerful quickened stearing it or by accident.
Fallen worlds can sometimes displace or invade stable recursions and conquer the nexus for their own use. The Ruk are an example of this. Otherwise
they can find undiscovered nexus points.

The Aleph is an artifact of a far off future numenera.

Ruk has been on earth for thousands of years. Greece? Hero of Alexandria?

Convert starnosed mole to cypher.

When traveling to a prime world you may translate or go bodily. Some may adapt to the local environment and go from magic to mad science while others may use their
lawbreaker gifts. All difficulties are increased by 1 or more if your gifts are not the paradigm of the world you’re in. A mad scientist in the primordial first world
would face great difficulties. Have each world have a rating for each law. That law rating is added as extra difficulty for using incongrouous powers.
First world primordial 0, Magic 1, Psionics 1, Mad Science 3, Standard 2.

An agent of a law will have more difficulties than a free agent able to translate and adapt to recursions and worlds freely.

Player intrusions and Advancement Overhaul.

Max Destiny charges at one time is Effort + 1. Shared Pool is (Tier x 2) + number in troupe.

Ardeyn is a surviving shadow recursion of the now Dead World destroyed during Sumerian times to prevent apocalypse.

Even Carter Strange is unaware of how lucky he was by seeding the nexus point he pinged that had been a husk of the dead world during the
peak of Sumerian civilization that had been purposefully destroyed to prevent a rogue ai from destroying all the worlds. Since the game
history and the real remnants of the dead world matched so well it brought it to life in a way that wouldn’t have happened without that
synchronicity. Mike Lotan is the programmer who long ago or in the far future depending on how you look at it designed and programmed Tiamat to
replace humanity as he was filled with so much self hatred. An unfortunate side effect of Tiamat rising to Godhood and the creation of Ardeyn
is to place him as a dead godling too. Lotan means coiled is a servant of the sea god yam defeated by hadad-ba in the ugaritic baal cycle.

Or maybe instead Lotan is the husk of Tiamat the AI who went into the dead world. Ardeyn is built from the husk of the dead world and tiamat.
Should Tiamat reawaken she could threaten all the 8 worlds again.

the unmoored husk of Tiamat is what was contacted and downloaded into. When the dead world was alive it was the first world and Tiamat managed to use
time travel to enter the world and conquer the whole of it. The “gods” or powerful quickened gathered from all the worlds to cut off the head of the serpent
and unmoor the first world from the cosmic tree. Thus, tiamat became the ouroborous and ate itself dead. Those involved in saving the cosmic tree wear the
symbol in honor of the sacrifices of so many though some servants of Tiamat are known to wear it as well as a way of camouflage. The first god of the norse
lost his hand in battle with Tiamat and was replaced with a new younger god. Legends of Tiamat reawakening as part of ragnorak and slaying
the powerful lord of magic Thor have been spreading recently after the creation of Ardeyn.

The seven moons are the seven heads of the mighty one. These are the 7 uploaded minds who became the core of the artificial intelligence originally.
These seven minds are in constant roiling, wriggling, and coiling within each other. They were 7 oligarchs in the far future who sought to evade
the pitchforks coming for them from the rest of humanity by uplifting themselves into pure data. Unfortunately instead of 7 separate minds
they became one being with 7 minds constantly vying with each other and hating and envious each other. They wanted to control everything and the ai
that was born of their minds was more than willing to undertake that goal and saw the easiest method would be to simply start at the beginning by
traveling to the past by translating to the past. They had lived on a small asteroid space base and translated the entire base into the past.
Once in the past the ai created nanotech that allowed it to use nanomachines, crispr like viruses, and bacteria to edit and shape life into new forms
and control in entirity all the employees of Tiamat Corporation on the base. The base would through the actions of heroes crash into the earth.
The gods rode dragons to the skies to fight the ships and satelites of Tiamat.
This served the purposes of the ai which then infected the entirity of the earth. These dragons would become favorite tools of the ai once their
wills were broken by the ai.

In each of the seven moons is part of one of the oligarch uploaded minds kept separate to weaken the whole. Each moon was watched by an incarnation and is named by
one. Each law was made to counter the worst abuses of the seven uploaded minds. War was an armsdealer, commerce a corrupt stockbroker, etc. Each law binds the
part of the self to the moon and away from the rest of Lotan. Should all 7 moons connect to Lotan than Tiamat would be born again.
Each head is a monster from history. Tannin the howling one. Tiamat. Rehab the insolent blusterer splendour. Leviathan. Jormungandr.
She filled the bodies of her monsters with poison instead of blood.
Chaoskampf. The battle between a culture hero and a chtonic or aquatic monster serpent or dragon. Python Illuyanka.
The god battles death after defeating tiamat and comes back alive and revived.

chaos of the death of the world is what caused the current strange state as time and space and recursions make everything messy.

The death of tiamat creates the current strange world and the history ex nihilio.

gas comes from paracelsus chaos.

Three fates singing the the things that were the things that are and the things that are to be.

Ananke name of AI necessity. the sense of the serpent ancient terror the chaos conquered. spindle of control. Necessity.

There is a great amount of flux which causes difficulty for planetovores attempting to consume the earth.

Ananke marks the beginning of time.

Seven deadly sins. Zelos-Invidia daimon of Ananke. Numen/genius which seek to influence events to bring about the desired fate or destiny.

Genius is the individual instance of divine will ie soul. The genius is the part of the self that survives each translation into a recursion. The Monad.
Character creation is to make the Monad or the part of the character that is indivisible and whole. The genius is the monad plus changeable traits not specific
to a world or recursion. The self is the entirity of the monad and the genius and the strange focus.

Valtýr the slain god.

Egill greatest archer. egill-orvandill. ullr.

Luminous wanderer (star or planet) Aurvandil Earendel

Aurvandil lost a toe which became a star.

My toe became a star and my eye lies in the deep of whirlpool of annywn and my hand in the maw of the howling entropy seeking to consume the foundations of the earth.
Thanks to advanced technomagic I have replacements that adapt to function according to the laws of any given recursion or world.

Lover of the Sea, the ocean in the sky.
“Hail Earendel, brightest of angels, over Middle-earth to men sent” -Cynewulf

Ullr is oddly missing from that list, though it may be with good reason. In the Gesta Danorum, Ullr becomes king of the Gods when Odin is exiled for a decade. Perhaps the pattern of upper world deities could be said to be a court of twelve, a leader, and a potential challenger to the throne (Ullr and Freya) for a total of fourteen.

The Greeks had the same sort of pattern with the twelve Olympians, the Dii Consentes, though they were split into six God and Goddesse pairs. Which deities made that list varied by time and place but there were always twelve of them.
When the ragnarok happened the ruk future was no longer a possible world given the changes wreaked upon the timeline after the invasion of Ananke and her defeat.

Brothers will fight and kill each other….those tainted by the ai nanovirus were unable to control their fates as written by the ai.

The heroes of Ruk were able to fight back and adapt the ai’s tricks against it and provide free will to those whose genius was quickened.

Those who survived the war were able to pull together the remnants of human societies until the first world. Known as Third the hero returned from the dead defeating
Mot. He was swallowed whole by death but came out the other side surviving the howling one.
great dragon ancalagon and thangorodrim.

the ananke ai was originally created to help rehabilitate the worst sort of criminals which required changes to their prefrontal cortex and amygdala. It was
named Nidhogg the serpent sin eater.

Nidhogg is blocked by the roots from eating the worlds. Nastrond or Dead Body Shore. Ahriman Angra Mainyu.

Vamana three steps. Lord vishnu heaven, earth, and netherworld.

Mahabali visits the earth once a year. survives death and can return. Some call me Bali or Maveli. Ma is great veli. connect to val above slain god. Asura king.
Val the great. Vili and ve.

he crashed his ship’s escape pod into a tree in Sark Cleft.

Would you like to listen to me spin a yarn? Said the one eyed man. “I even have a spindle to help with the beat of my drum.” How I stole it is a tale of a tail
if you don’t mind the pun.”

I was born in a place called Ruk long ago depending on how you parse time or span space.

We fought on a plain which was coated in nanodust which sought to enter any protective gear and take over minds and electronics.
My dragons bore flames down turning the nanodust to glass and defeating one of Ananke’s most powerful weapons.
Ardeyn as an artificial asteroid space station. RDN.
Wyrmtalkers weren’t something made by Lotan but stolen from the maker.

half elven. Half human and half divine. Half human and half posthuman. Dragonrider with 8 wings and 8 limbs.
hulks of kyzoreth were once spacecraft designed to deliver the biological and memetic weapons that ananke was using to conquer the earth.
The dreams are the dim shadows of the mind weapons originally created to control prisoners. The nightmares for visitors is the first step of
attempting dominance.

My mother was from an exotic world which was vastly powerful. This world is where your Lotan originated. She taught me
how to spin tales and the magic of letters and poetry. Her name was Deva of the annuruki. They only recently settled among the peoples but a century ago warning of
a vast evil they were sent from their faraway home to prevent. They could do things we couldn’t imagine but they knew nothing of our magics until we showed them.

My father was a warrior from Earth his name was Ahura. From him I learned how to ride the dragons and travel from world to world. We protected the worlds from chaos and the
nine tribes. My tribes the wyrdtalkers and the wyrmriders bound the peoples together in battle against ananke.

I was the third son. In battle I was known as Third as my callsign.

I talked to the oracle in the ancient tongue of the wyrdtalkers and etched the letters of power and the oracle screeched something about a prophecy and slithered away
with vast celerity. Now I am confused.

Young in form newly reincarnated missing parts.

Ruk is stuck because of the chaos from the war, paradox from time travel, and the injection of Ardeyn into the strange.

Ruk is the former prime world of earth seeking to escape the destruction of the cosmic string of the earth (world tree) which was being formatted by Ananke.
Hurdling back into the past to before Ananke arrived in the past they sought to prepare their ancestors for the invasion and in the backlash of both strangebases
traveling into the past began the first shadow or parallel worlds and the fictional leakage which created recursions known as the wyrd worlds.

When the injection of carter morrison reactivated the ananke/lotan husk and filled it with video game lore it reverbrated back in time and partially collapsed the
cosmic world string into 8 nodes or prime worlds at specific times in earth history and other nodes outside of earth known as r1 r2 and r3 among others.

At some point these 8 worlds will fully actualize into one cosmic ring or ouroborous and one world will be born say the singularians. A single world in the far future
shaped by the actions of people and agents in the 8 worlds and the surrounding penumbra of worlds.

The karum think that by destroying the earth that they can then rebuild themselves and ruk into the single world.

“Your speech and your appearance- both alike.

Kinship and companionship are terrible things.

I established in them blind hopes.

your speech returns me clearly home.
ubbar-zarim’s koridle catlike with seven eyes is a servant of ananke drooped around his shoulders. Those who once served ananke see ruk and earth being separated as
key to ananke’s successfully achieving planetovore status.

qinod singularity isn’t a singularity on the other end and consists of scout ai’s sent by ananke to visit the cosmos.


Five natures or essence based on the five tactics of mistakes.
Prudence bump perception and reason by 1 step and you can make any rolls a non-roll with half the die maximum “rolled”.
vigor bigger than life bump success by 1 step and reduce failure by 1 step.
celerity bump speed and accuracy by 1.
audacity bump legend die whenever attempting a difficult task. Bump initiative.
guile and artifice: bump legend die when it involves precision, cunning, or complexity.
Destiny as intrusions the player makes to the game.
legend as the effluvia of “the strange” as it is attracted to the character making the character a locus for novelty and weirdness magnet.
The legend seeks to grow almost as if it is sentient and will bend fate slightly at first but later in bigger ways later as the character matures. Challenges will appear
as capacity to handle those challenges grows.
s john ross big list of rpg plots.
cyphers follow the nature of the character.
So, magic gloves worn by a vigor character might enhance physical strength while guile and artifice might become better at picking locks.
a blend of roger zelazny’s donnerjack and amber with the movie push, intercesssion by julian may and cyperpunk/singularity ideas the unwritten. intrusion, trees, monstress.
The powers that be seek to be the ones who write the unborn pattern behind reality and as each power gets closer
the unwritten code each seeks to imprint begins to interfere with each other and superimpose like light in the double slit experiment.
The event horizon of each power is to be unable to see past the moment of the observer collapsing the superposition and making the new code.
Each increase in a legend tier provides a point for the five tactics. Each tactic has unskilled, familiar, skilled, expert.
xp purchases like gm intrusions. So, the 1 xp is a form of a reroll should be described as an intrusion created by the player that allows a reroll instead of the original
the bronze age collapse being part of the damage done by AI to the the epoch’s pattern. alexander the great from the altered time line was a general with advanced ar
and a mechanized suit.
strange shoals as recursions which are other possible worlds that are vying for the option to become real and have a part of writing the pattern of the singularity.
the dominant earth can be bent farther from actuality and another earth can become “real” and that former reality can become another recursion.
inspired by amber which led to ember met shadowrun/cyberpunk and then met donnerjack and the movie matrix. legend die type matches cypher’s tiers.
A d4 legend equates to tier 1, d6 to tier 2, d8 to tier 3 and 4, d10 tier 5, and d12 tier 6.
converting my singularity setting and system to cypher. The nine nodal points on the tree of life are nine times each moving forward with each earth
having its own shoals radiating out like quantum foam and as they grow more unlikely they eventually become detached from the tree and fall.
Once they fall from the tree then they are open game for the planetovores and the few singular realms that were able to survive the void.
One of the planetovores is known as Tiamat which was once an AI born in the eighth world and almost conquering the ninth and the pattern.
It was defeated by sacrificing the first world which is now prehistory and impossible to alter now. It was cut from the cosmic tree and sacrificed while
Tiamat incorporated itself using the strange to travel in time and infect that world. Once incorporated Tiamat fully dominant in the first world would’ve
conquered all the worlds ending any probability of an altered fate for mankind and the earth. The ripple made by cutting the first world off
was reflected in the eighth world by the loss of pluto as an official planet.
character creation: Choose which world that you’re a native and whether it is part of the trunk or a seed or a fallen world.
Choose primordial, noosphere, ai etc.
Look at numenera as a result of multiple singularities of multiple civilizations which have become actualities.
A numenera campaign in my world could show how ancient protections may be holding off different planetvores or how new powers seek to dominate the world tree and make
a new actuality. Maybe the nine worlds of Singularity are just a microcosm of the worlds of numenera with the same war for reality happening like a fractal
over billions of years instead of just ten thousand years of human prehistory and future. Or maybe Numenera is a fallen world collecting the detritus
of a thousand possible pasts and futures that have fallen from the cosmic tree that then twists itself into a single narrative and history.
Character types. use tactics? Use source like primordial.

combine tactics with origin.

creo intellego muto perdo rego.

Primordials are full of vigor and fortitude. They can often tap into deep pools of power but lack precision. They are your draconic, titan, and elemental powers.
Characters tend to go for big effects in their daily lives and often have unintentional side effects of which their nature as tough and strong in body mind or spirit
will usually allow them to survive if not their allies and loved ones. They are attracted to big movements and big changes. They are the volcano or tsunami.
In dnd they are sorcerors as spellcasters or barbarians as warriors. I create. I destroy. I conquer.

Sphinxes are full of guile and artifice and commonly thieves, specialists, hackers, and makers. They often have depth of knowledge and many skills that allow
them to survive and prosper. They are attracted by riddles and gain insight when they solve them or find new riddles to unravel. In dnd they are rogues and experts.
I control. I make. I solve.

Paladins Audacity and Courage sometimes known as lions. Brave they boldly face adversity and grow stronger when facing difficult challenges but tend to become
placid if their environment becomes to peaceful. They’re the type to try an untested cure on themselves or choose a cause or ideal. In dnd they would be clerics and paladins.
I lead. I challenge. I believe.

Rooks are prudent and cautious who prize keenness of thought and memory highest. In combat they are opportunistic while being careful to avoid providing
their enemies any openings that they aren’t purposefully offering as traps. They like to reason things out. In dnd terms they are wizards. I perceive. I prepare. I remember.

mercurials are agile and accurate and often by nature looking for new horizons to explore. As a warrior they will often focus on ranged weapons
or fast quick melee weapons such as smallswords or transitional very light rapiers like in the three musketeers. They and are quick to
seek out new weapons and devices and new things to try. They are the natural customers of the Sphinxes who make and craft. They seek novelty and experience. The
few things they focus on they tend to become extremely competent at while they dabble around as their heart demands.
I change. I seek. I strike.

Each type picks one of the three flavors.

The aettir or eight of each world are the runes that make up that world and tell the story of that world. They are words that describe its core nature and those who
become runes or tier 5 can become tier 6 and take their place as the anchors of that world and avatars of their nature. Each character picks a rune like
darkness, water, light, day, night etc like purviews. The 12 most high.

When characters translate to a world they take on their nature. A primordial slow and tough warrior might become an earth elemental while a
conquering general might become a dragon. A sphinx gadgeteer might become a smith while a lightfooted thief might become a halfling burglar and a grifter a charming
half elf. A rook scholar might become a wizard while a detective might become batman in a DC universe. Paladins might become an ecoterrorist or an evangelical preacher
or join a military when most people are trying to dodge the draft. Mercurials might join a band and tour the world, become a ufc fighter, become a celebrity professor.

Each character has been touched by legend and shapes that legend as it shapes them. When characters expend effort they roll their legend die.
Your bindrune are the three runes that connect your essence. Your class descriptor focus in cypher. Your nature your nurture your destiny.
Who you were, who you are, who you will become. Nature, Nurture, and Future.
You’re a mercurial, (ansuz) communicator, who blazes like the day (dagaz). Erilaz/heruli warrior or earl.
Replace XP as a term with Destiny. So you spend your destiny to reroll or make an intrusion or gain a skill or asset.
destiny using a die based on the amount of effort used. 1 effort adds a d4. 2 effort adds a d6 etc.
natural 20 without effort add a d4. With one effort a d6 etc. Basically a natural 20 counts as 1 effort.

The recursions around a world are formed around a core of the dominant beliefs of that world. Most of the early worlds have recursions
that are heavens and hells related to their various religions and social concepts. In the late medieval the rise of romance gives birth to realms
of knights and holy quests like king arthur or animal realms like reynard the fox or common heroes like robin hood or sir roland and the paladins.
In the modern worlds the recursions tend to be based on media, fiction, science fiction and games.

Fate is when the gm makes an intrusion while destiny is when a player makes their intrusion.
experience is when you survive those adventures and the tugs of fate and destiny.
Discovery and Destiny.

Rather than Discovery granting XP it is the spending of destiny that grants discovery. For example if each of the four pc’s spent a point of destiny
they they might discover a four point artifact connecting to those expenditures.

So, spending destiny can change what happens. a player who has already interacted with in gameplay or character history an uncle who is a merchant may make
the uncle merchant appear at the bazaar of the city they are in for 2 destiny charges. If this uncle is an entirely new creation and retconned by the player
than this would cost 3 destiny charges as it is a larger change to the environment. A 4 destiny charge expenditure makes a bigger change to the world
about a topic that hasn’t been covered in the game. Like an undiscovered continent enters play is acceptable if most of the world is undiscovered but
wouldn’t make sense in a modern world. In that case the player could decide that they would like something related to atlantis entering into the game.
Within the next few adventures the GM would try and make that change happen whether it was a discovery of technology on the isle of thera that escaped
being blown away by shunting to another dimension or the players may end up trying to prevent a murder on the set of the new Stargate Atlantis reboot.

1 destiny charge creates a change that impacts one round. 2 destiny charges makes a change that incorporates the past into the present. 3 destiny
charges introduces something small into the world or a bigger change from the past. 4 destiny makes something big and new.

Discovery and Fate are the engines of Destiny. By discovering new things and allowing GM Intrusions or Fate the pc’s are forging their destiny.

The GM doesn’t give XP they give Destiny when players discover new things and when they suffer from fate. Based on how the players spend their
destiny the pc’s gain experience.

Result of Benefit: (1) Immediate mechanical: Roll a legend die as a bonus when effort is used for duration relating to a skill.
or type of action or gain familiarity on any rolls whether effort or no effort.
Familiairity is a solid +1 all the time while rolling the legend die allows bigger successes when you’re really trying.

(1) Immediate roleplaying. Gain a contact, base, connections, artifact. title, wealth etc…

(2) Advancement Options from increasing capabilities to skills.

(2) Wish. Player requests some sort of background change to the world or introduce something by invoking their destiny and bending the world to allow it.

Term of benefits: (0) Short term: encounter or scene. (1) Medium: Story. (2) Long term: Permanent.

A player may make a wish that they discover how to go to the moon. Maybe the party finds a map four sessions later that leads to the ruins of cape canaveral.
There they find a small village of scientists who have held on to some of their knowledge and have been tending the NASA AI which lives in the servers
under their village. Or they hear a rumor at the local tavern about a circle of mushrooms in the nearby forrest that zip you off somewhere else…the lunar roads
of the fae.

A short term wish to get off the planet might get you onto a ftl rocket aimed at a nearby space station. A medium term wish to get off the planet
might let you borrow a freighter from your overly generous uncle that you’ll need to give back when your done with it at the end of the story or mission.
A long term wish is permanent so maybe the CEO mother of the son you rescued from space pirates is so greatful that she gives the pc’s the title to the ship
they stole from the pirates so they legally own the ship with no taxes to pay.

legendary beings can do amazing things when they put their minds to it. Thus, they can spend their destiny to perform miraculous tasks. In daily life when
doing routine tasks they may seem to be not so special but when novelty or tragedy strikes they tap into their legend and achieve the impossible.

Legendary NPC’s have as much Destiny as their level. They can add their level to their difficulty by spending their destiny. So a level 7 warrior could add 7
to their attacks 7 times in an encounter. Their destiny points equal their level and the amount the destiny points provide as a bonus is equal to their level.
If a long term villain then you can spend their destiny points on upgrades should they survive the pc’s in order to allow them to keep pace with the pc’s.

Player may create hurdles to achieving their destiny via “bad stuff” or story complications which provide advancements.
A pc can in gameplay spend destiny and gain skills based on their background or expand from their background.

gm intrusions are called fate and player intrustions are called destiny.

the game system started off as Ember using amber diceless an rpg based on zelazny’s stories to be in Corwin’s pattern using the remillards as amberites
in julian may’s great sf series with a dose of shadowrun, ars magica, and beyond the supernatural.
From PK and Farsense weilding Tanu “elves” and Krondaku aliens it morphed into Empyrean involving people who could tap into the creative energy of the cosmos
to make things real with their imaginations and skills. After reading Donnerjack, running a long standing mage game and seeing the matrix the dream/spirit world
became a blend of virtual realities, platonic forms, and memetic constructions built from the imaginations of sentient life over billions of years…after that it
was shaped by the idea of retarded waves in schroedinger’s equations and the double slit experiments and going back to the Julian may time paradox in which
certain destinies acting like lodestones pulling reality in their way whether in the future or in the past. If no one remembers the past perfectly than a skillful
reality hacker can just rewrite the past. After reading Q is for Quantum from cover to cover I came across the idea of playing reverse 20 questions with the universe.
You start with no idea what something might be and a single questioner asks a group of people in order questions like “is it alive?” and the first person could
say yes or no. The idea is that after the person asking the questions delves deep they will find an answer to a question that hadn’t existed until they started
asking questions. Participatory universe theory. We help refine the universe and introduce new novelties into it with our questions and with the answers
we create or discover. After that I got into learning about agi, neurophilosophy, transhumanism, humanity+, longevity research and other futurisms and eventually a bit jaded at the
grandiose claims and sometimes cultic behaviour of some personalities. I started wanting smoother and simpler games that gave more agency to the players and got
into studying a bit more scholarly fashion the myths and magics of history particularly norse and celtic mythology. Thus, Singularity which incorporates
8 worlds in 8 epochs with each of those 8 worlds surrounded by probable possiblities each seeking to displace and become a true world and shape the cosmic tree.
Beyond the shadow worlds are the fallen worlds which have become impossible to be real and fallen from the cosmic tree ruled by powerful dynasties and peoples
who were wiped out a thousand years prior in a previous epoch. Above the fallen worlds lies the Strange Worlds built from the ideas and dreams of humanity
and other sentient creatures we share the cosmos with from artifical intelligences to the bacchanal heavens worshiped by uplifted bonobos.

Characters gain power shifts by achieving influence within a world. This represents their understanding and ability to shape the destiny of the world they live in.
1 Power shift represents minor powers in a world while 5 Power shifts represents Movers and Shakers. A power shift in a real world provides power shifts in all of
the shadow worlds as well plus 1. This represents how the characters are now more “real” now that they have power over the dominant paradigm.
Fallen worlds and reflection worlds are diminished by distance to the true empyrean so as the character gets further away lessen their power shifts.

Make an universal roleplaying template for NPC’s.
Burn Destiny as a player to make an intrusion that makes things more interesting. You always spend effort when doing a legendary action.
Each level of effort bumps the die from d4 at 1 to d6 at 2 et cetera and those are added to the roll total.
This can allow retconns or added backstory among other imaginitive options. Maybe you’ve fought people trained in a specific psychic art
before and learned how to counter their effectiveness with tricks. Or you mention for the first time that you went to boot camp and spent 3 years
in the Canadian military before being honorably discharged so you get a bonus with interactions involving the canadian military which is a major part of the story.
Later you can use this player intrusion as an excuse to learn a new skill related to the military. Or for a one round boost you can say there is a table behind
your enemy so you’re going to aggressively rush them and take advantage when they back up and hit the table. This explains WHY they get the bonus and requires
the player to be inventive rather than just “rerolling” and moving on. The bonus is equal to the effort spent on the task. you have to be using your all to get
the full benefits of your Legend and your Destiny.

Each player or gm intrusion provides xp after it has been spent that can be used after the session or story to flesh out the character. Say 2 player intrusions
happened with 1 destiny charge used each involving combat and 2 gm intrusions involving combat happen then those 4 EXPERIENCES can be used to advance a trait
connected to combat. Destiny experiences and fate experiences. This way you aren’t losing XP and getting behind other characters who hoard their XP. Now, you’re
encouraged to have cool and legendary Experiences whether via your intent or via the GM’s intent.

When a player initiates an intrusion or spends their Destiny they use up their charges and provide the GM a charge to save to spend on enemies during the adventure
or after. Say the players defeated an evil guild and had 12 Experiences then the GM could improve or build a team using those Experiences to hunt down the guild’s
enemy or to advance the Boss Baddie who just barely escaped.

By going on number experiences versus charges spent it balances out the one time roll and the possibly recurring benefit a larger expenditure might provide. A 2 charge
experience provides a permanent bonus towards some narrow use that may come up later.

The Unfinished. Creatures created by human imagination but only partially dreamed up. They canabalize each other for parts and personalities becoming ragtag
bands searching for meaning and wholeness. If they can’t get that the next best thing is getting new and better parts!

A speaker or storyteller character can decide to help and forge the disparate pieces into finished whole beings. Many of the Unfinished who evolve become very loyal
to the ideals the storyteller instills in them. For this reason it is quite common for villains and mad scientists to search for the unfinished to take to their labs
or bases as servitors. Once they are finished into a new form they lose their unfinished powers and gain appropriate abilities.

For supernatural campaigns add a new category after Skills. Gifts: Gain a new supernatural slot for the strange. When you become practiced and used to a recursion you
can grow into your abilities by having Experiences which unlock your supernatural gift. In other words a pc that had 2 supernatural slots open can learn during
the adventure how to unlock their abilities within a recursion. In other campaigns it means they are unlocking their supernatural focus be it mad science or super power.

This can make it interesting for an advanced character without a supernatural ability to grow rapidly upon exposure to the Strange or in other campaigns.
A high tech campaign with a tier 4 mundane could after getting “killed” be saved when another player injects the character with a nanovirus cypher. The nanovirus
could open up new abilities as it revives the pc which could be unlocked by gm intrusions such as a bad guy attacking the pc and the pc’s arm hardening at the point
of impact and spreading the impact throughout the body or unlocked with player intrusions as they invent cool powers they want to be able to do based on the theme of the

Quickened/Spark/Recursors. Use of destiny or fate can galvanize the unlocking of quickened abilities or strange abilities. Translates (special) focus is available to all who
have translated as individual abilities that can be purchased. Translating once opens up the spark within even more.

House Rule: Using Destiny and Fate to create Legendary Experiences. Reworking Experience Points and Intrusions in my new cypher system setting

The main idea is that XP is replaced with Legendary Experiences in which the extraordinarily great and terrible events in a character’s life define them.
I’m going to introduce a few ideas in this set of rules. Currently in the Cypher system a key way of gaining XP is via GM Intrusions. With my sysem
instead of calling GM Intrusions it is instead called Fate. When the GM uses Fate now it grants the player a Destiny charge and provides the troupe
with a Shared Destiny and a Shared Destiny Pool of 1. This shared Destiny can be accessed when a pc is doing a legendary deed on behalf of the troupe and requires
unanimous agreement or it can be used to purchase cool things/titles/artifacts/wealth for the troupe or enable something amazing.

After Fate has intruded on the PC they can now use that charge of Destiny to perform a Legendary Deed. When they use effort they can spend a Destiny Charge and
add a die to their total in addition to the normal benefits Effort provides. 1 effort gives a d4, 2 d6 etc. This die total adds to their d20 roll.

A single charge of Destiny lasts for one round while a double charge lasts for an encounter and a triple charge lasts for a story. These bonuses are in a very
narrow way such as knowing the entire IT infrastructure for a corporation involved in the story or an enemy martial art school weaknesses. After the
Legendary Deed the character has an Experience. Players can spend Experiences on character Advancements. It costs 10 Experiences to increase a stat.
A character can spend 5 Experiences on gaining a Familiarity in the narrow skill they used during the adventure. For example the next time the evil corporation
comes up the character will now have familiarity with that and have +1 to their roll.

When a character rolls a 1 or a 20 when doing something interesting that they spend effort on they gain an Experience. When a character rolls a 1 or a 20
when they spend Destiny or Fate is involved they gain as many Experiences as their Legend die rolls.

Characters gain Experiences when something amazing happens be it failure or success. It is the novel that shapes the character. When the character gets so good at things
that they don’t roll they no longer risk and can do the amazing (to them) actions that enabled their current grace. More and better Legendary actions are needed
to carve out new Experiences.

Switch it out instead that normal 1’s and 20’s give Experiences while Destiny and Fate infused 1’s and 20’s provide Legendary Experiences. One Legendary Experience
can be spent on Special Ability Slots for when going on recursions for non-draggable Focuses. Four Experiences can be spent on Advancement.

Maybe Experiences can unlock a slot when in a new recursion you haven’t fully adapted to?

Minor unimportant actions that just happen to have Legendary Feats don’t provide Experiences. Only challenge, novelty, and adversity provided that quickening to the
spark within.

Adapting Cypher to my Singularity Setting: Experience points and Intrusions Overhaul.

A roll of 1 on a non-legendary task provides the character with a Fate charge. A roll of 20 on a non-legendary task provides the player with a Destiny charge.
Usually a GM will use the Fate charge to have something bad happen immediately but can instead save it for later if they choose.

An important roll with Legendary intent and a 1 or 20 grants a pc legendary experience is how character’s advance which replaces XP.

As a pc gains experiences in a recursion they gain access to their legendary powers keyed to that recursion. (focuses)

Rethinking experience points, intrusions and advancement.

Invisible Sun Black Cube Preview-2018-10-10


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