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Unfished Setting: Profane Geometry

Profane Geometry
A world ravaged by demons and gods is being tamed by the Rangers an elite force of warriors trained to fight without magic as antibodies against the hordes of hell and heaven using reason and the power of the prime material plane.
Arcanists, Conservers, Binders, Warlocks, Fighters, Rogues.
Binders are bards, magesmiths, necromancers, and sorcerers who use the force of their personality to bind the sacred and profane to their will, wants, or needs. They can use creative magic to strengthen what is already there or return something that was once lost or broken.
No cleric class as they are basically either Conservers or Warlocks. Conservers work with nature whether that of the land or of man and bond with a Locale or Concept like the Black Mountain, Free City of Tral, Justice, War, or Famine. Warlocks form pacts with the mighty of the divine host, infernal hordes, Grey Captains, and the rest of the unaligned sacred.
Rangers is a path for Fighters with Paladins.
Huge hit points only exist in the magic or sacred parts of the world while in the profane magically empty parts the divine, infernal, and animal are on more even footing.
Cities have complex wards forcing those seeking entry to pass through profane death traps causing all but the most cunning of the infernal and divine pause. Highways connect the great cities through badlands and portals to far-flung worlds provide trade and food.
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