Pen and Paper RPG House Rules

Making our favorite games even better

Shadowrun and RPG Maps and Floorplans


20,000 Open Access Maps from the New York Public Library.

High Definition Rare Atlases of the Ancient World

Fantasy City Generator This is a great tool for making maps of Earthdawn Ruins or your D&D/Gurps Fantasy/Numenera game.

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

Interactive Map of Seattle.

Easy to print district maps of Seattle.

Classic pdf’s of Seattle in 2050.




Interactive Map of DeeCee and another with Hungarian words of DeeCee.

Map of North America.


Various Floorplans:

YJJcD6C sQ6vDTe Kungsholmen-condo-11

main_floor_plan basement_plan

Outreach 1FLotus Apartment 2FUniversity 1F Blueprints - no distances
Waverly floor plan AWaverly floor plan BWaverly floorplanWaverly floor planUniversity 1F Blueprints - distancesCameras 1-2Cameras 3-5cienagagrandeprefabGMcienagagrandeprefabplayerCoffeeshop Floor-Plancourtroom_2GM copy - AHU 1FLotus Apartment 2FOutreach 1FLotus Apartment 1FWaverly


4B2Q1b3 - Imgur (1) QhDUQ4X - Imgur (1)

9AFxx1i - Imgur Apartment #1 - Imgur Apartment #2 - Imgur Apartment #3 - Imgur Apartment #4 - Imgur Apartment #5 (Penthouse, level 1) - Imgur Apartment #5 (Penthouse, level 2) - Imgur Apartment #6 - Imgur

medium_callisto-vi medium_oberon-ii level1

QqOtgDBw800-h1132-2010679419_11_fi_150317_103756 w800-h1132-2010679419_11_fi_150317_103756 (1) 1-The-Castle



Apartment and Condominium Buildings


flor plan floorplans-dolphin floorplans-pelican floorplans-seal floorplans-star floorplans-whale

index_8 index_9 index-1 index_11 index_2 index_3 index_4 index_5 index_6 index_7

Studio Apartment with Bed/Table

timthumb timthumb (1)

Data Center:


Estate Maps:

Biltmore Estate

Vanderbuilt’s Biltmore House is the largest private home ever built in the U.S.  It has 250 rooms totalling over 175,000 square feet!  That’s more than 4 acres of floor space!  It has 65 fireplaces!  The fourth floor contains 21 servant rooms, and the basement has a swimming pool, bowling alley, kitchen, scullery, laundry, workshops, and other service rooms.

Biltmore Estate Estate

Biltmore Estate2



Goldenhill is a 20,000 square foot mega-mansion located in Hampshire, England. The home is being built by A&B Homes. The magnificent property will span 11 acres and contain an 11 bedroom main house, a summer house with aquarium, a lake, a canal, and 3-car garage with a 2-bedroom flat above. There will be a staggering 7 kitchens in total. The home will have a reading room, an office, a large dining room, a family room, an impressive 2-story ballroom, a master bedroom that has his and her baths and closets, a glass enclosed 50 foot indoor swimming pool complete with spa and changing rooms, a steam room, a biliards room, a bar, a massive 34-seat home theater, and a vault/panic room.

goldenhill goldenhill2 goldenhill3 goldenhill4 goldenhill5 goldenhill6

The Bougainvillea


Estate with Parking



n62foCK - Imgur wwjhIiZ - Imgur OPM4Nla - Imgur hJ9sQ2o - Imgur

Office Maps:


New Delhi_May 2011 fp_beijing_china_resources_building201211 fp_beijing_china_world_office fp_beijing_hyundai_motor_tower fp_beijing_yintai_centre New Delhi_May 2011 New Delhi_May 2011 fp_guangzhou_hna_tower fp_guangzhou_taikoo_hui fp_gurgaon_dlf_cyber_city fp_hongkong_nexxus_building_level15 fp_hongkong_one_island_east fp_hongkong_three_pacific_place New Delhi_May 2011 fp_hongkong_wheelock_19122012 fp_honkong_cambridge_house fp_jakarta_one_pacific_place_20130218 fp_jakarta_sampoerna_strategic_square_level18_20130205 fp_jakarta_sampoerna_strategic_square_level30_20130205 fp_macau_aia_tower fp_mumbai_kalpataru_synergy fp_mumbai_thecapital_20130107 fp_perth_108_st_georges_terrace_level24_20130218 fp_seoul_gfc_floorplan-max fp_seoul_sfc_floorplan_max_ws_01 fp_shanghai_chong_hing_finance_center fp_shanghai_citic_square (1) fp_shanghai_citic_square fp_shanghai_the_center fp_shanghai_xintiandi fp_shengzhen_kerry_plaza_tower2 fp_shengzhen_kerry_plaza_tower3 fp_singapore_ocean_financial_centre_level40 fp_singapore_one_raffles_quay fp_singapore_six_battery_road fp_sydney_aurora_place_level31_20130220 fp_sydney_australia_square_level33 fp_sydney_northpoint_tower_130418 fp_syd_1_bligh_st fp_taipei_101_tower fp_taipei_far_eastern_plaza fp_tianjin_teda_msd_c1_tower fp_tianjin_the_exchange_tower_2 fp_tianjin_world_financial_centre fp_tokyo_cerulean_tower fp_tokyo_sanno_park_tower fp_tokyo_tokyo_bankers_club_20130131


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